Tuesday, March 09, 2004

A Mere Coincidence?
BELGRADE, SERBIA-MONTENEGRO - A witness to the assassination of Serbia's prime minister was shot to death last week, a Belgrade court judge confirmed Tuesday.

Judge Maja Kovacevic of the Special Court in Belgrade said that Kujo Krijestorac, 51, died March 1 after he was shot near his home with a silencer-equipped gun.

The judge did not say why Krijestorac's killing had not been reported earlier.

The Belgrade entrepreneur was scheduled to be a key witness in the trial of 13 men accused of assassinating then-prime minister Zoran Djindjic in March 2003. Kovacevic is a judge in the high-profile court cast.

Djindjic was killed by a sniper outside of the Serbian government headquarters.

Krijestorac was expected to testify that he saw the alleged killer and his accomplices as they entered then left the building from which the gunman fired.

The judge said there was no clear evidence that Krijestorac was killed in order to prevent him from testifying.[you got it -Nitpicker]
Or, is this what they mean by blind justice?


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