Monday, March 01, 2004

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. -- Former Rep. Bill Janklow appealed his manslaughter and reckless driving convictions to the state Supreme Court on Monday, and indicated he will ask to be set free until the justices hear the case.

Janklow, 64, began serving a 100-day sentence Feb. 7 for the August crash that killed a motorcyclist. On Tuesday, his lawyers will ask a judge to release him from county jail until an appeal is heard by the Supreme Court, whose judges were all appointed by Janklow during his 16 years as governor.
Okay, this guy has a pattern of reckless driving, killed a man, showed little if any remorse, gets by with a slap on the hand and now, not only does he appeal the decision but he wants to be let out because he can't serve three lousy months for taking someone's life. Course not. By the way, he appointed four of the five current judges on the Supreme Court he is appealing to - how's that for a seal of approval? More Repugnican integrity.


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