Wednesday, March 03, 2004

Same-sex in Classroom Not a Threat to Marriage
WASHINGTON -- Federal officials plan to significantly loosen their restrictions on same-sex public education, giving schools the most freedom they've had to teach boys and girls separately in almost 30 years.

In changing its enforcement of Title IX, the landmark law that prohibited sex-based discrimination in schools, the Education Department says it will expand choices for parents without eroding equal opportunity. The regulations announced Wednesday reflect a push by both the Bush administration and female senators of both parties to give schools flexibility.

'We're not suggesting that any particular kid ought to be in a single-sex setting,' said a department official familiar with the changes. 'Educators and parents can make that decision. But the point is, they don't have the freedom to make that decision even if they think it's appropriate for their children...We're suggesting this ought to at least be part of the mix.'
I don't know - all this that time spent together with individuals of the same sex during their formative years - it's a slippery slope. I mean girls might have 'girlfriends' and boys, 'boyfriends' and that can only lead to one thing - the destruction of the sacred institution of marriage.


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