Thursday, March 18, 2004

What They Don't Talk About
Mental-health survey briefing canceled
A briefing on the results of a mental health survey of troops in Iraq was abruptly canceled Monday because military officials said they did not want bad news to come out on the eve of the anniversary of Operation Iraqi Freedom, congressional sources said.[Nitpicker emphasis]
Via Army Times
WASHINGTON - National park superintendents are being told to cut back on services— possibly even closing smaller, historic sites a couple days a week or shutter visitor centers on federal holidays — without letting on they are making cuts.
"He suggested that if you feel you must inform the public ... not to directly indicate that 'this is a cut' in comparison to last year's operation," she continued. "We all agreed to use the terminology of 'service level adjustment' due to fiscal constraints as a means of describing what actions we are taking."[Nitpicker emphasis]
Transparent democracy; don't ya' just love it.


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