Wednesday, April 28, 2004

63 Days To Sovereignty
FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) - The U.S. military has rushed more tanks and other armored vehicles to Iraq after requests from commanders in the bloodiest month for American troops since Saddam Hussein was toppled.

'That armor is either (in Iraq) now or is arriving as we speak. So those requests were quickly filled,' U.S. Marine Corps Major General John Sattler told reporters at the Pentagon by phone from the Gulf state of Qatar on Wednesday.

Sattler said the requests were made by commanders battling to stamp out guerrilla attacks in the so-called 'Sunni Triangle' north and west of Baghdad, including the flashpoint city of Falluja where U.S. Marines launched new air and ground attacks.

As U.S. helicopter gunships and jet aircraft pounded several districts across Falluja, west of Baghdad, President Bush said in Washington: 'Our military commanders will take whatever actions necessary to secure (the city).'
This is, apparently, what a 'return to normal' looks like - at least according to shrub
WASHINGTON -- President Bush said Wednesday he believes most parts of Fallujah are returning to 'normal' despite three days of battles with insurgents. Fighting and instability in Iraq will not force a delay in the June 30 transfer of power, he said.


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