Friday, April 23, 2004

Take a McHike
McDonald's is to include pedometers in adult versions of its Happy Meals in Britain later this year, it emerged yesterday.

The devices, which measure how many steps a wearer has taken, are part of a campaign to shake up the company's image as providers of unhealthy, high fat, high sugar food, and encourage customers to take more exercise.

However, health campaigners said the fat and sugar content of some McDonald's food was so great that a typical person would need to walk more than five and a half hours to burn off a meal.

Stung by criticism that its fast food is contributing to the obesity epidemic, and following threats of legal action from overweight Americans, the chain has revamped its menus over the past year.

The traditional staples of fries, burgers and shakes have been joined by salads, fresh fruit and bottled water. The company has also pledged to scrap its controversial 'supersize' portions of drinks and fries.

The new 'Go Active!' adult meal-in-a-box was launched in the United States last week and is expected to appear in Britain by the end of the year. The boxes contain salad, bottled water and a pedometer.[Nitpicker emphasisi]
Wouldn't it be more beneficial to include the pedometer in a fat-ladened Big Mac and Fries Happy Meal?


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