Friday, April 23, 2004

While We Were Out Round Up

It's always a bit difficult to get back into the blogging thing after an absence, but in this case the more things change the more they stay the same appears an apt expression. So, by way of summary ... There was a new book, and an appearance, both of which corroborate Richard Clarke's statements. The administration continued to alter documents and lie; soldiers and civilians in Iraq continued to die. While the preznit suffered from the self-inflicted wounds of his inability to speak the English language and the ever-increasing leaks of incompetence and deception, one would think that his Democratic opponent could make great strides in the polls. Yet, alas, the bland Kerry, who has about as much appeal as rancid milk (okay, make that rancid milk with medals), fell behind in the polls during this time period. Yes, there was unprecedented ad-spending by the miserable failure during this time period but Kerry is still failing to provide an argument for people to vote for him. Is he better than Bush? Hell, plankton is arguably better than Bush - the bar's a bit low. Now, the morally bankrupt moron tells us he is not surprised that Americans are concerned about a possible terrorist attack between now and the election. Of course he isn't, he has Condi out in front with the fear meme telling Americans to expect an attack -though I'm sure there's no political motivation there. Air America Radio is back on in Chicago but not in L.A. So, have I missed anything?


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