Tuesday, May 11, 2004

$25 Billion More: Yea or Nay Senator?

LiberalOasis' bet, and hope, is that Kerry votes no.

This vote is the proverbial softball disguised as a hardball.

The knock on Kerry is that he's a flip-flopper, and says what people want to hear instead of his true beliefs.

And the Bushies have used Kerry's vote against the earlier $87B, after voting for the war resolution, to foster that impression.

Not to mention hit Kerry for being weak on defense.

But if Kerry votes against the $25B, he can turn all that on its head.

He can say:

1. 'I voted against the last funding proposal because I felt to best support the troops, we shouldn't fund a failing strategy, and because it was fiscally irresponsible to spend so much without scaling back the tax cut for the wealthy.

'And the situation is the same today as it was then.'

2. 'I knew that vote would be twisted and distorted by the Bush-Cheney attack machine, but I did it anyway because it was the right thing to do.

'And I'm just as sure this vote will be featured in their next round of smear ads. But I wouldn't be supporting the troops if I let politics dictate my actions.'

3. 'One of the ads they ran said my previous vote meant I was against body armor for our troops.

'But as we heard recently from Iraq veteran Paul Rieckhoff, even though they got the money they asked for, 'our troops are still waiting for more body armor.'

'I believe the troops should get everything they need.

'But I have no reason to believe that cutting the Bush Administration another check with no questions asked, is going to get them what they need.

'Because it certainly hasn't yet.

"We don’t need to stay the course. We need to correct the course. Congress should deny this funding request and demand a new plan."

What is Kerry's other option? Vote for it?

That's not only wrong on the merits, but would only bring about fresh charges of a flip-flop-flip.

Kerry could use an opportunity to show he can take a politically risky, principled stand. This is his chance.
Via a somewhat circuitous route through Wampum,as directed by The Left Coaster.

As the suggestion makes perfect sense, there's not a chance in hell that's what Kerry will do. He'll likely not show for the vote then he can merely be accused of dereliction of duty.


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