Thursday, May 20, 2004

Attempting to Keep the Faithful
pRresident Bush asked fellow Republicans on Capitol Hill on Thursday to 'keep the faith' as he sought to ease their jitters about Iraq and his lowest approval ratings ever.

Bush's approval ratings have slipped to the mid-to-low 40 percent range, the lowest of his presidency. No recent president has been re-elected with such numbers this close to the November elections.

'The color code alert level has moved from yellow to orange,' a senior Republican aide said. 'There isn't panic, but there is considerable concern.'
How appropriate:
House Republicans have become frustrated with some of their Republican colleagues in the Senate who they complain have failed to adequately stand up for Bush on TV talks shows.

'What's been causing a lot of heartburn is that some of these Senate Republicans who get on these talking head shows aren't 100 percent aligned with the president or his agenda,' said LaHood. 'We need House members on these shows.'
Yep, 100% aligned, that's the new definition of the Republican party. Parrot, parrot, I tell you ... no more no less. We need to get rid of all of these feckless faithful.


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