Thursday, May 20, 2004

Chalabi Trumped
The raid on Ahmad Chalabi's headquarters in Baghdad on Thursday marks an ignominious fall for a man who helped make the U.S. case to topple Saddam Hussein but was seen as a duplicitous opportunist by U.S. diplomats and spies.
The Administration no longer needs Chalabi. Did he deceive Cheney, Wolfowitz, Tenet et al? Not hardly. It was no secret that Chalabi was, to put it politely, unreliable (that was known by the mid-nineties if not sooner). However, they knew he would tell a story they wanted put out there to support their little Iraqi invasion scheme. It was a symbiotic relationship with all parties knowing exactly what they were getting. Now that things are unraveling, Chalabi's time is up and they hope they can have their cake and eat it too. They've already laid the groundwork. The bad intelligence was the result of the CIA being mislead. They will now point to Chalabi as the source of the deliberate deception, though he deceived no one. The deception was perpetrated on the American people by this Administration. They've been teetering for quite some time and yet no one has pointed out that there are really only two options - either they're completely incompetent morons or they're liars. It's that simple. Either option argues they should be removed from power. Hell hath no fury like a prostitute scorned; Chalabi could prove to be a wild card.

Update: A little Chalabi history


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