Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Come on, what's ...
Could the Democrats hold a convention in July and not nominate a presidential candidate ? That's the odd possibility raised by a suggestion floated late last week to delay John Kerry's official acceptance of the nomination until five weeks after the convention. The idea -which a Democratic source says was dreamed up by the Howard Dean campaign back when Dean thought he would be the nominee — is meant to avoid putting Kerry at a spending disadvantage to President Bush. Under campaign-finance rules, each candidate, upon receiving the nomination, gets a $75 million check from the government that has to last through the election. Because the Republican Convention is held five weeks after the Democrats', Bush would have five extra weeks to raise and spend before he's subject to the limits.
...the big deal? Are we now pretending either party's nominee is not a foregone conclusion? News Flash - the conventions are nothing but a big expensive party. Nominees are no longer selected there and when is the last time a party platform had any meaning? It's all about money, I mean what's electing the leader of the free world in comparison to bringing in major bucks for a convention - we have to have our priorities. Yet another ludicrous campaign finance rule - how 'bout we cancel both conventions.


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