Tuesday, May 18, 2004

'Context' From the Pill Popping Wing Nut
Via Media Matters for America

From the May 18 Rush Limbaugh Show:

LIMBAUGH: [A] suicide bomber killed the rotating president of the Iraqi Governing Council [Ezzedine Salim, on May 17]. Now, I’m sitting here and I’m sitting here, waiting. I am waiting for [Senator] Ted Kennedy to get up on the floor of the U.S. Senate and to demand that we could have prevented this. We could have prevented this suicide bombing if we would have just really gotten some decent intelligence from prisoners that we had incarcerated at Abu Ghraib prison. … I’m waiting for the unblinking [House Democratic Leader] Nancy Pelosi to be shocked that we have not done whatever necessary to find out more about these kinds of actions before they take place. And I’m going to wait for [CNN anchor] Wolf Blitz [sic] to line up [Senators] Carl Levin and Joe Biden and Pat Leahy to demand an inquiry -- how come it is that we don’t have decent enough intel to find out when these kind of events are going to happen.

In other words, where was the torture when we needed it? [laughter] Well? Where was the torture when we -- why did we stop short? Why did we stop short and not really get the information necessary from the people that we had. Not -- well, that one. You think this is a reach! You think this is a stretch? Come on, now. It’s an election year. And to get a Liberal in the White House, anything goes. It doesn’t matter if it’s hypocrisy, or not. If it -- if -- if -- if they think that it’ll get the White House, they’ll say it. They’ll do it.

I mean, don’t be surprised if George Soros puts up a few hundred million dollars for a torture institute at the new torture university to teach people how it’s really done, to show how Bush and Rumsfeld are inept.

Look, we’re facing an election. The Left will say anything -- anything -- to get a Democrat in the White House, as is -- as is evidenced.

You know, what I’m trying to do, actually, here is put this in some sort of context. Look at what we’re doing. We are still, at this moment, wringing our hands over these photos out of this prison. … The Democrats. The Left. They’re still wringing their hands over these prison photos -- all this abuse! All of this humiliation. Meanwhile, there’s a car bombing. The president of the Iraqi Provisional Authority is blown up into smithereens and we’re still worried about what we’re doing -- in the prison.

You know, we, folks -- you and I, the administration -- we’re focused on Iraqi freedom and all these other Democrats are focused on the Kerry inauguration, and that is about the best way to put all this in perspective.
You know, I was listening to the O'Franken factor for a while the other day when their 'dittohead' called the show. He was complaining and saying how he didn't like it that everyone on the left always criticized him and his ilk as being stupid. Al and Katherine were (I thought) too nice and said they didn't go along with that idea and didn't think most people on the left thought that way. I ask, when you listen to this kind of hateful and ludicrous garbage, what are we supposed to think of you? I hope George Soros puts some cash into suing this cretin. The fact that Rush and his fans support this administration should be reason enough for a presidential rotation but then we're not exactly shy on legitimate reasons for that are we?


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Reminds me of that ad: This is your brain; this is your brain on drugs. Still waiting for that FF to be locked up.

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