Friday, May 07, 2004

Fun Friday

Chemistry wasn't like this when I was in school.

On the other hand, this is what math was like.

We all need to do our part.

Introducing ... Jesus of the Week

On Sunday, surprise mom with this.

How's your vision?

Men, and their one-track minds.

I'm hoping when he goes to prison for his drug use, that the 'guards' need to 'blow of a little steam'.[okay, this one exception but hey, the video is funny]

No need to super-size this.

For all you single guys and gals out there, the Date Ball should be left out of your dating repertoire.

Okay, second and final exception for the day but who could pass up How Bush chose stupidity?

Now that you've had appetizers, I'll treat you to the movies ...

A 'happy meal' at McDonald's offers Food for Thought.

Man is bested in A Better Trap


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