Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Gun-toting Mormons
The state Attorney General's Office says the Utah Constitution contains no right to academic freedom for the state's public colleges and universities.
That means, assistant Attorney General Brent Burnett argued in a brief filed with the Utah Supreme Court, that the University of Utah cannot continue to defy the will of the Legislature and ban guns from its campus.
'Utah's Constitution does not contain a . . . right of academic freedom and tenure,' Burnett said in a brief filed Monday with the court.
The issue of guns on campus blew up in 2002 when the University of Utah filed a lawsuit seeking to uphold the school's nearly 30-year-old gun ban in the face of state law that appeared to limit schools' ability to prohibit legally concealed weapons.

Meanwhile, in Salt Lake City ... a man killed a woman Monday morning as she arrived for work at a high school and then turned the gun on himself, police said.
Cuz you know, until you get guns out of the hands of criminals, you can't keep them from law-abiding citizens.


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