Monday, May 17, 2004

In case you're interested ...

is apparently what the 'world coming to an end' looks like.
Elated and in some cases incredulous at making history, gays and lesbians by the dozens exchanged vows and were pronounced 'partners for life' Monday as Massachusetts became the first state to let same-sex couples marry.

The nuptials ranged from quick city-hall ceremonies to ornate weddings in downtown Boston churches, complete with champagne and fancy cakes. Among the touches: matching orange bow ties, rainbow flags and confetti, the Boston Gay Men's Chorus singing 'Marry Us,' and a special rendition of 'Here Come the Brides.'

'When everybody wakes up tomorrow and sees nothing bad happened — it's the same world it was the day before, there are only more people that are equal to them — they're going to see there was nothing to fear," Sheldon Goldstein said after obtaining a marriage license.

Fewer than a half-dozen countries allow same-sex couples to marry.

Only a few protesters bothered to show up in Massachusetts, but some conservative leaders expressed outrage and President Bush renewed his call for Congress to pass a constitutional amendment banning gay marriages nationwide.[Nitpicker emphasis]
Here we go the the 'outrage' again - they really need to take a break those glass houses they live in are a tad fragile.


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