Thursday, May 13, 2004

It's a Robbery Thing or Why Bush Gets Away with So Much
From Truth in Politics ...This Is A Hold-Up
Since Bush took office a steady stream of our money has found its way, one way or another, into the hands of Big Business.

Enron executives, et al, sold their stock, then left the dregs for their investors.

Energy companies colluded to raise the price of what we spend for heat and electricity.

Health costs have risen as has Health Insurance. Prescriptions prices are rising so fast no one can keep up. The cost of a week in a hospital is equal to a four-year college degree.

Gas lines have returned. Haven't seen them since the 70s. Gas is expected to go up through the summer...coming down in time for the election, we're told.

Commodities like lumber, steel, are all going up. Housing prices are also rising.

Onions have become a gourmet food. Milk prices just jumped. A $5 lunch is a balogna sandwich and an apple.

The average college education is going for $200K - for a bachelor's degree. Pell Grants cover less than half of that.
And no one seems to be complaining...why is that?

Ever notice that during a bank robbery, no one complains. We're all too scared. The man has a gun. He'll be gone in a few months. We can all relax again.

Then we can call the cops, right?


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