Saturday, May 22, 2004

A Little iPod Parody

An i For An i

From BAGnewsNotes Via skippy the bush kangaroo

Actually it was posted by Karen, a guestblogger at bagnewsnotes. She also offers these as possible artistic interpretations:
What's it trying to say? Well, let's try some spin. How about: the iPod as an avatar for our materialistic culture, one of the things that fundamentalist Muslims hate and fear about us in the first place? Or: abused Iraqi prisoners became just another object to soldiers from an object-obsessed country? Or: the cord that links listener to music becomes the cord that will forever link Lynndie England to these men in her photos? Or even: this image is fast becoming an iCon of this war, as can be seen here at Proud Liberals?

Try some of your own. Whatever you decide -- ha, ha! Madja think!
She found the pic at Turbanhead.

One picture, so many links. As a Mac geek, I find the linking of violence and torture to Mac (iPod) to be almost sacrilegious, at the very least un-iMacian. On the other hand, Karen makes some valid observations.


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