Monday, May 10, 2004

Messing with Blogger

So, I don't care for the new 'posting' window that no longer allows you to 'preview' the post as you edit it and apparently I can no longer use html code that has the links open in a new window -at least they didn't 'preview' correctly. I did add the Blogger comments for now but will see how it works. It also appears that I now have to use 'strong' instead of just 'b' to get bold text. I had other items to 'post' but don't have the patience to futz with Blogger anymore tonight. I have a Mac and due to apparent browser incompatibilities, I only saw the spell check icon (and couldn't use that because it would insert weird characters in the spellcheck process) and had to code my own italics, bold and blockquote but I just included those in my posting template and had developed an efficient posting methodology over time - well, that's hosed. I can view and use the bold, italics, link and blockquote now but the spellcheck has the same issue. Why is it that upgrades seem more like downgrades?


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