Thursday, May 13, 2004

No Apology Necessary
Ms. England claims they didn't think they were doing anything wrong ...
In a television interview on Tuesday, Private England claimed publicly for the first time, 'I was instructed by persons in higher ranks to stand there and hold this leash' and that people, 'in the higher chain of command' knew about it.

She did not apologise. 'We didn't feel like we were doing things we weren't supposed to do,' she said.
However, generally, if you've done nothing wrong, you don't have anything to hide, right?
Some time later all the inmates were warned of an impending Red Cross visit and were told by a soldier speaking through a translator not to reveal the punishments. 'The translator stood at the end of the corridor and shouted to us: 'Look all of you. The Red Cross will come to you today and if you say anything more than what is allowed then you will see a very, very dark day today and tomorrow will be darker and so on and so on,'' he said.

Several prisoners who had been abused were moved from their cells before the Red Cross arrived and replaced with other Iraqis, he said.

A Red Cross official, who he named as 'Eva,' came to his cell to ask about conditions there. 'I couldn't say anything to her because there was a translator and an American soldier standing behind her,' he said. He said after the visit some prisoners were tied to their cell doors by their hands as a punishment.


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