Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Not Lost In Translation

Via South Knox Bubba:

'I'm here tonight to present a clear strategy for Iraq. It is a lot like our clear skies strategy for the environment. Hazy with a lot of smoke.'

'I am going to lay out a detailed plan for you. The details on which we don't have details make up most of the details of my plan. So in that respect it is a very detailed plan.'

'Our enemies are mean. They are killing our people. That this might occur in a war has taken us by surprise. We don't know who they are. But we will stay the course and defeat them, whoever they are.'

'We will turn over power to the Iraqi government on June 30th. This is not up for debate. It is critical to my re-election.'

'There has been violence before the handover of power. There will be more violence after the handover of power. Iraq is a very violent place. This is not our fault.' ...
Dubya's never sounded so good - go read the whole post.


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