Wednesday, May 12, 2004

When One Has Too Much Money

A painting by Jackson Pollock has sold at auction in New York for$11.65m (?6.62m), setting a record price for a work by the post-war US artist.

Entitled Number 12, 1949, the Pollock painting was sold by the Museum of Modern Art to an anonymous buyer.[Nitpicker emphasis]
Add this (okay, to be honest, it was already on the list) to the list of things I will never comprehend. I admit I find his painting as creative as his title though.


Blogger Michael said...

Most modern "art" leaves me cold--including Pollock. But at least his works require some effort. There's an "installation" at the Art Institute in Chicago--though I understand it's a "loan" from the artist, so they didn't actually have to pay for it--that consists entirely of large angular abstract canvas shapes painted in monochromatic colors. Some are green, some are red, some are black. Every time I walk past them (though I typically stay out of the modern wings, these particular pieces hang in a section of the museum through which one must pass to get to the hall where they usually mount visiting exhibitions) I find myself thinking, "I could do that--maybe I'm in the wrong business!"

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