Sunday, June 27, 2004

Matinee Conflict
My husband and I went to a matinee on Friday (no, not that one). However, as we approached the theatre, we passed a couple of yahoos holding a large Bush-Cheney '04 sign in preparation for the arrival of F9/11 crowds. We were content to ignore them, until that is they had to shout, "Don't go in there and feed your hate." I turned and said, "Yeah, don't you hate it when a sitting Democratic VP tells a Republican Senator to go 'F' himself ... oh wait, that wasn't a Democrat was it? If you mental giants had bother to check the showtimes or noticed the paucity of patrons, you might have been able to deduce that we aren't even going in to see that movie." I further suggested that next time they merely wear their dunce caps which would send the same message and be considerably more convenient to transport. Not to worry, my husband is accustomed to cringing. BTW, we are going to see F 9/11 but we're waiting to go to the Democratic Fundraiser showing on July 11th - I mean why go to a matinee for $11 on opening day when you can wait a couple of weeks and pay $40.

Update: The movie we saw was The Notebook - yes, he came to a, little more bittersweet than I expected, chick flick with me. It was good, not great, but we both enjoyed James Garner as usual. We went to the local independent theatre which has always shown MM's films. The local megaplex, owned by an OC Republican, is showing F9/11 although they have not shown any of his other (or any small less commercial) films. Just goes to show you, there is one thing that comes before blind Republican loyalty ... greed.


Blogger Sadly, No! said...

Not to worry, my husband is accustomed to cringing.

Hope they were not the fighting kind of hecklers. ;)

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