Tuesday, June 29, 2004

With Apologies to the General ...

Giblets over at Fafblog! weighs in on the Veepstakes:

John Edwards. Edwards's 'Two Americas' speech was deeply stirring, it was by far his most effective speech. It was also his only speech. Giblets was deeply stirred the first three or four times he heard it. Now it just pisses him off. If Giblets hears any more about the Two Americas, Edwards, both Gibletses from both Americas will find you and slap you senseless.

Wesley Clark. Experienced. Battle-hardened. A foreign policy heavyweight. A complete non-starter. What happens to your lieutenant swift boat commander nominee when you stick a war hero Supreme Allied Commander, Europe on the market? Depreciation, that's what. Well, sorry, Clark, but with every other day from now 'til election day being Band of Brothers Monday, Napalm Wednesday, or Swiftboat Heroism Remembrance Friday, we need to ride this war hero monopoly pony as far and as fast as it'll go.

John McCain. Yes, Giblets is aware that McCain has completely rejected the notion of running with John Kerry over and over again and that he is currently campaigning for Bush. But it the idea is just too kooky and sexy to not mention over and over again! Kerry-McCain, Kerry-McCain, Kerry-McCain! Plus Giblets supports McCain's 'give Japan the Bomb' solution to North Korea. We need more 'outside the box,' or 'crazy,' thinking in our VP. Giblets has found Cheney's 'crazy-lite' approach to governance wanting of late.
Medium Lobster, on the other hand, has some words about what can happen when freedom reigns as the result of recent SCOTUS decisions. Which, if that's what Mr. Preznit was thinking of when he wrote "Let Freedom Reign" in his chickenhawk scratchings, would have been appropriate. However,given the context of said scratchings, "let freedom ring" would have been more fitting -no surprise there.

Go check these out because, after all, it's the world's only source of fafblog. While you're there you might want to see why Giblets is so upset about F9/11 as well.


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