Sunday, July 25, 2004

Brits for Kerry
Senior Labour MPs are clamouring to join the American presidential campaign of John Kerry this summer in a direct snub to the alliance between Tony Blair and President George W. Bush.

The avowed intent of a dozen MPs to dislodge Mr Bush threatens to embarrass Mr Blair at a difficult time in the war against terrorism. Yesterday one of the Labour MPs denounced Mr Bush as 'a complete and utter menace to the future security of the world'.[indeed]

The group, which includes the former ministers Nick Brown and George Mudie, close friends of Gordon Brown, the Chancellor, is in talks with Mr Kerry's team with a view to campaigning on a freelance basis. Their plans are a problem for Mr Blair because he had hoped to reposition himself to prepare for the possibility of a Kerry victory with more subtlety.[pity; Nitpicker emphasis]


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