Thursday, July 29, 2004

Doctors WithoutLooking for New Borders
US regretting [sic]the pull out of aid agency Doctors Without Borders from Afghanistan hoped that they would reconsider.

'We regret it. Certainly, we're aware of their plans. We hope they'll reconsider. They are doing important and valuable work there. They've been there for 24 years. They enjoy wide international respect precisely because of the risks they've been willing to take and the sacrifices they've made to end human suffering', US State Department spokesman Adam Ereli said in his daily press briefing.[Nitpicker emphasis]
More freedom, democracy and safety in the Middle East brought to you by the 'we had an exit strategy in Afghanistan, it was called Iraq' U.S. Administration. So, let's see they've been there for twenty-four years, I'm thinkin' that covers the Taliban rule and now ...hmmmm.


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