Saturday, July 10, 2004

Friday Virtual TravelbLogging™
Okay, it's Saturday but that's the way it goes sometimes. So, where do you go when there's a quagmire? Oh Canada, of course. That's one of the reasons that today's (or yesterday's) edition is brought to you by the letter "B" as in Banff, Alberta, Canada which is nestled in the Canadian Rockies. Mountains, wildlife and pristine bodies of water await you here,
the abundance and majesty of which is generally proportional to your efforts to 'explore' (i.e., 'packing in'). That, of course, isn't strictly true as you can take airplane or helicopter tours of the area (something that wasn't prevalent the last time I was there but we'll leave it at that). Backcountry lodges (including meals) are available (though book well in advance) and accessible by foot, horseback, crosscountry skis or snowshoes. I still maintain the backcountry is best experienced by backpack and
It's also a whole helluva lot cheaper (and peaceful) going that route. If you're not up for hardcore backpacking, there are over 600 miles of trails in Banff National Park from which to choose.

However, whatever your desires, they can be met here - you can stay at a dude ranch, or even go dogsledding!

remains my preferred mode of transportation -make sure you bring your fly rod. Here's a look at the current weather and one thing should be evident, it gets kinda cool at night so bring your longjohns if you're going to be camping. Here's a nifty little interactive map of Banff if you want to explore accomodations, attractions and retaurants there.

On the other hand, if you're looking to hide out for, I don't know, let's say four years or so, real estate is scarce and pricey.This

little "mountain hideaway" in Canmore (5 minutes from Banff) goes for a cool $625,000. I don't know about you but you but I find it hard to consider something a "hideaway" when you can't take a picture of it without getting the nextdoor neighbor's place in the frame. Anyway, longer term, your best bet would be to live and work around Calgary, which is less than an hour away. Happy trails.


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