Thursday, July 08, 2004

Here We Go
Ridge is supposed to make an announcement about a new "credible" al Qaeda threat. So far only NBC 'has it'. There was already a scheduled briefing I imagine the delay is them trying to get their story straight so that Ridge doesn't look like Asscroft at his last terra alert outing. Standby. Shorter Ridge: We got nothing. George just said we better get out there and remind the mericans 'bout our steady leadership and the threat against them. We got credible information that al Qaeda is planning a major, excuse me, large-scale, attack in the US to 'disrupt our democratic process' Terra Alert not raised to Yeller but is kinda yeller orange. Nothing, yet NBC panders as if it were news ...where's Tim? Pathetic. Obviously, no link (to al Qaeda either). Will an attack in Boston be seen as evidence al Qaeda wants Bush in office? This may explain why other networks didn't bother to cover it.

Update: This is what they had on their site ...breaking news? Just one whore in a line of many.


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