Monday, July 12, 2004

Making Inroads
The Bush administration Monday proposed lifting a national rule that closed remote areas of national forests to logging, instead saying states should decide whether to keep a ban on road-building in those areas.

Environmentalists immediately criticized the change as the biggest timber industry giveaway in history.

Under the proposal, governors would have to petition the federal government to block road-building in remote areas of national forests. Allowing roads to be built would open the areas to logging.

The rule replaces one adopted by the Clinton administration and still under challenge in federal court. It covers about 58 million of the 191 million acres of national forest nationwide.[Nitpicker emphasis]
Actually, states decide whether they want to petition to block roads as it's stated - in absence of a petition roads are fine. We need to get rid of these people while some semblance of our country (physically and philosophically) remains. They made the announcement in Idaho because it has the most affected acres (9.3 million) and a Repugnican idiot in the statehouse who will not petition to keep roadless areas intact.


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