Thursday, July 08, 2004

Stay Off the Grass
'What is this?' the woman's voice said.

I turned around and found an old friend, Lauren Elliot, walking over from one of the three or four dirt diamonds cut into the endless grass. You could fit Shanghai into the Great Lawn.

She was one of the lawyers playing in a company game for her law company, Orrick.

'We're losing to the associates. What are you doing?' she asked.I'm trying to see if I can hurt the grass,' I said. I put my hand down. After this stamping in one spot for several times, I found the grass the same as it was before I started stomping.

I was doing this because it is the way I do everything, see it and touch it before telling you about it. In this case, the Parks Department, as cheap fronts for Mayor Bloomberg, won't give any permits to the group running a demonstration against the Republican war during their convention at Madison Square Garden in August.
Yep, people and grass ... bad. Just look at all the damage done by golf galleries. Gotta love Jimmy Breslin.


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