Thursday, July 22, 2004

Terra in the Skies

Via World O'Crap
If it was a dry run, what did they learn?' Brown asked. Well, says Annie, they learned that they wouldn't get arrested, since they apparently weren't arrested, just interrogated and let go.' (So, it's not necessarily illegal to glare at women while being Arab -- good to know.) They also learned 'how far they could go' (to the restroom with a McDonalds sack), and 'how flight attendants work' (apparently they pass out the drinks, then collect the cups). So, all in all, a very successful operation, and well worth the years spent learning to play those musical instruments. (Actually, real terrorists could have learned some interesting tips on how the airlines and the federal authorities handle various occurrences -- not from the musicians, but from Annie's articles, which include helpful info from the FAM public affairs guy.)
World of Crap has more fun at Annie's expense [tear] and tells of a few terrarific travel experiences of his own.
3. Last year, while on another layover, we decided to just sit in the plane while waiting for the next leg of our journey. We noticed that the guy who came to restock the drink cart had a boy with him; the kid helped him pick up trash. "Hey," I said to my sister, "I thought that only people with airport ID were supposed to be able to get on the tarmac -- and that kid doesn't have any ID!" She said, yeah, but he's the guy's son, so they probably didn't consider him a threat. I said, "Well, some terrorists could have thrown some guns over the fence to him, and then asked him to stash them here in the magazine bin for them to pick up after they board -- and since he's just a kid, he might be too stupid to know not to do it. That's the kind of stuff that happens when people break federal regulations." And then my sister said she didn't want to travel with me anymore. That wasn't all that scary, but on the way back home, at the Vegas airport, we saw a guy yell at an old woman in a candy store because he gave her the wrong kind of fudge. That was rather upsetting.
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