Monday, August 23, 2004


Okay, if Floridians find this

confusing and can't manage to 'complete the arrow' next to a candidate's name, maybe they shouldn't be allowed to vote. I'm now in a 'punch-ballot' state (ID) and I have to tell you, I hate those things. First I have to remember to bring my reading glasses with me to my polling place and then I spend a considerable amount of time checking my ballot afterwards to make sure that the numbers of the displaced chads correspond to the numbers associated with the candidates for whom I had intended to vote. Granted, I haven't found any errors yet but I still find it disconcerting to be unable to see my candidate's name contiguous with my choice. In MN, we had these arrow-type ballots and they were huge in terms of the arrows themselves as well as the text, relative to other ballots. They were 'read' by an optical reader and tabulated by computer but the written record, in case of a dispute, could not be more clear.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Floridians don't have a problem with the ballot, Republican pundits have a problem with the ballot because it involves Theresa LaPore and Palm Beach County.

If this had been the ballot in 2000 there may never have been a 9-11 incident, because there wouldn't have been any question who won Florida. Pat Buchanan said at the time there was no way 3,500 people voted for him in Palm Beach County.

I used punch cards in California, and a "butterfly" ballot at one point. It took minutes to figure out which slot to punch.

Bryan D. in the Florida Panhandle

12:26 PM  
Blogger CJ said...


Point taken but you have to admit her approval of that abysmal 2000 ballot was ludicrous - how could you not see that it would be problematic? Anyway, what's your take on it for this election? Worse, better or a bout the same as the horror stories floating about? What about the intimidation of black voters? Why wasn't Jeb tossed out in '02? Granted Janet Reno wasn't the best candidate but at least she's honest.

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