Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Not In My Contract
A US army veteran is challenging an emergency law that allows troops to be kept in Iraq and Afghanistan after their contracts expire.

The so-called "stop-loss" programme prevents reservists from leaving the military after their volunteer service period ends. It has affected up to 45,000 since 2001.
Senator John Kerry, the Democratic presidential candidate, has called the order a "back-door draft", but the army, which is finding recruitment tough, says it needs "consistency" in its units.[Nitpicker emphasis]
Trouble recruiting? Then let's bring troups home from desirable assignments (Germany was number one on my 'dream sheet' and they offered it to me in an effort to get me to re-enlist -it was tempting but I was young and foolish and stuck to my plan of four years for the GI bill, get out and go to school; I still haven't been to Europe), I'm sure that will increase the re-enlistment rate.


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