Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Things That Aren't Really Necessary

Is this really necessary?

Claire Buchan, standing in for Scottie McPuppet, begins the gaggle in typical fashion ...
MS. BUCHAN: Let me start and give you a little bit about the President's day today.
Yeah we know, the deserter, and miserable failure in-chief, banner at the ready, will pose for every available photo-op with his pre-screened Repugnican 'rally?' attendees and send the bill for these campaign follies to the 'merikun taxpayer. Different day; same bullshit. Okay, then. But this?
Q Is this a campaign event?

MS. BUCHAN: Yes, all of them today.

Q What's the reaction to Sharon's plan to put a thousand more settlers in the West Bank?

MS. BUCHAN: We've seen those reports, and our embassy in Israel has been in touch with the government and has asked for some details. That's where it stands at the moment.

Q Will he talk about Airbus subsidies?

MS. BUCHAN: I don't believe that's in his remarks. But stay tuned; he may. But I --[Nitpicker emphasis]
Claire's idea of humor or have they really not learned to keep him from wandering off script?


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