Monday, August 23, 2004

Unsolicited Advice: In Three-Part Harmony

The one thing the Repugnician machine does really well is to stick to a meme. They don't let facts or ethics get in their way, they perform by rote in 'verbati-speak'. I'm not suggesting that Dems throw the truth or ethics aside but let's be honest ... even if there were an inclination there wouldn't be a necessity. However, from now until November 2nd John Kerry should personally address specific attacks as needed but the rest of the Democrats should give the same response regardless of the charge, the smear, or any action by BushCo and his thugs. The response:
You know, it's precisely what we've come to expect. Another act of desperation by a campaign that has all the power and wealth to succeed but has the knowledge that there is no way in hell that the American people will elect their candidate. They've finally come to realize that a brother in Florida and five justices on the bench of the Supreme Court won't be sufficient this time around. It's pathetic, really.
Repeat as often as necessary.


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