Monday, August 16, 2004

What He Said

According to TBogg, they're reasons (as opposed to excuses). While my 'reasons' have nothing to do with a sick Bassett, a child with a fractured collarbone (at least not that I know of - I'm sure they would have called) or (unfortunately) a new ipod - they do have to do with a considerable amount of work and the throwing out of a back (mine) which precluded sitting at the keybard. On a positive note some of the work (of the volunteer variety for the county Democratic party) resulted in registering a great deal of voters. The really encouraging thing is I can't tell you how many people we registered that were 50+ years of age who had either never voted or had not voted in a long time that deemed it necessary to vote this time against the worst pResident ever. Folks, if this is happening in Boise, Idaho it's got to be happening all over and these folks will be flying under the poll radar.


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