Monday, October 11, 2004

Bad Decisions

Kids. What were we thinking? Sure they start out all cute, cuddly, defenseless and dependent, but it's not long before they transform into incubators for terrorism germ warfare. Nevermind, that in those pre-child days your income may not have quite qualified you for the Johns' America (although it seemed you were sufficiently close) but do you remember how healthy you were before you had kids?

I thought we were beyond it but the middle child arrived home Thursday night for a long weekend. She walked in Kleenex in hand ridding herself of sinus drainage that should require flashflood warnings. She followed that with coughing spasms squeezed out of pained bronchi that, had I not known her origins, would have led me to believe she had descended from seals. In less than 72 hours I had succumbed.

It's the kind of cold/flu where you become acutely re-acquainted with the knowledge that every one of your millions of little hair follicles has it's very own nerve ending, and since they don't get nearly enough workout in the fright or flight response, they demand full participation in this endeavor. With each intake of breath, it feels as though a garden rake is being dragged through your pharynx but attempting to breathe through your nasal passages is a lost cause. You try a throat lozenge but the whole breathing thing interferes as in gasping for air you do a great imitation of a fish between 'catch' and 'release'. On the positive side a single lozenge will last the whole night. I'm not sure what purpose shoulder blades serve, perhaps they're the vestige of wings, but it currently appears their sole purpose is to provide another point from which to ache.

You create a pillow pyramid figuring elevation is the key, let gravity help to drain the dense mass from your head allowing you to breathe more easily. You recall, when in a similar state, you had considered dialing the 800 number on the infomercial and ordering one of those electric beds that like can be set at any angle. However, the husband took the remote and changed channels. He'll pay for that, for this is one of those colds for which your partner doesn't get any sleep either. Except for the fact that he isn't home - so you'll suffer alone.

The child took off today after the successful assault on my immune system was complete. Did I mention she graduates in mid-December (though she'll return in spring to 'walk' with her other college pals)? Yep. So, she'll be returning to live here until the start of law school in the fall. Can't wait. Guess I'd better make a trip to CostCo to stock up.

I don't really feel much like posting but it's too early to call it a night unless I want to be up at 3 AM -which I don't. So, I'll throw out a few quicks post while I'm listening to a webcast of the DC vote for change concert through Whole Wheat Radio - the boss is on right now.


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