Thursday, October 14, 2004

Debate 3: Over Before It Had Begun

I don't usually have much use for Terry McAuliffe but on occasion he has exactly the right retort for the Repugnicans and this exchange from the NYTs breakdown of last night's debate may be his best yet:
Shortly before the debate, Brittany Clifford, 14, a ninth grader from Scottsdale, spotted her home state senator, John McCain, just outside the hall. Brittany was covering the debate for Weekly Reader, a national publication for children, and she seized her chance, if shyly, to ask Mr. McCain what young people could get out of watching the debate.

Seeing Terry McAuliffe, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, Mr. McCain waved him over to help answer the question.

Speaking into Brittany's tape recorder, the senator said, 'You can really get an idea about the kind of leadership you will have in a debate, which you don't get out of a television commercial or at a staged event.'

He turned to Mr. McAuliffe, politely suggesting he might have different thoughts.

'I couldn't agree more,' Mr. McAuliffe said.


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