Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Johnny Be Good Tonight

As Edwards takes on the Dick tonight, we'll get a glimpse of why he was a successful litigator. I'm hoping that unlike Kerry's performance against Bush, he won't let Cheney's blatant lies go unchallenged. And when the Dick repeats, as we know he will, that "9/11 changed everything", Edwards should challenge that assertion.

He might suggest that he knew that was coming. That 9/11 was a tragedy that exposed unacceptable gaps in our homeland security and the gross ineptitude of the current administration (though the details of that ineptitude won't be divulged by the 9/11 commission until after this election). That all Americans were affected by the terrorists' attack that day, and though the families of the victims suffered most, it is not likely that any American would forget that date, as President Bush did last week when he spoke of a pre-9/10 mentality.

However, the truth is, it wasn't 9/11 that changed everything but rather it was 12/13/2000, when 5 Supreme Court justices installed an administration that
used 9/11 to change everything. Americans are not allowed to know the details of this administration's actions or inactions in and around September 11, 2001 although we do know that, while vacationing, the president received a PDB regarding Osama bin Laden's intent to attack in the U.S. over a full month before that date. To suggest that it was not possible (in that month) to prevent the 9/11 attack is erroneous, to do so without providing all the data available for an adequate assessment of the probability, is egregious.

Yes, everything has changed. Secrecy and deception not seen since the Nixon administration began with one of Bush's first acts in office, to seal Reagan and Bush I records. It continued with secret energy policy meetings with corrupt corporate entities that the administration refuses to identify, followed by passage of the, euphemistically titled, Patriot Act that usurps civil liberties. Most of this administration's legal cases against terrorists have been tossed out by the courts and there are many ongoing investigations. From investigations regarding the administration's responsibility in the 9/11 attack, to assessments of the decision to pre-emptively invade Iraq, to the energy policy commission, to the Plame affair, to Guantanamo to Abu Ghraib. Although many investigations are complete or near completion,
we the people won't be privy to the results until after the election next month.

Yes, most everything has changed and, unlike Bush-Cheney would have you believe, not for the better. We are neither stronger nor are we safer but we are certainly less free. Go get him John.


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