Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Round Three

Again, I don't have the praise for Kerry's performance that comes out of some other blogs but still there's no contest when you look at what he's being compared to - therefore, game, set and match to Kerry. I can't imagine many unemployed Ohioans were encouraged with Bush's answer to the outsourcing of their jobs though. Yep, hang on folks, help is on the way - Bush will provide aid so you can go to "community college" to get trained for 21st century jobs. The questions on balance were poor, and what was with the strong women finale? I don't know who Bob's wife or daughters are but Laura, Jenna and not-Jenna? - give me a break. On the other hand, it's three for three on the Kerry ticket with Theresa, Alex and Vanessa. Let's hope we see the video of Bush saying that he really doesn't think much about Osama over and over and over again in the coming post-debate spin. It still amazes me that he and Cheney lie so easily about something that they have to know can be refuted by available video.


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