Monday, November 01, 2004

Desperately Seeking Legitimacy

So, here we are. At the point every four years where we are to ask the question ... are we better off than we were 4 years ago? Well, I think Osama's looking mighty fit. Certainly much less bedraggled than when last we saw him. It would appear his accomodations have improved as well -no more videotaping in the cold mountain clime of Tora Bora.

This election was Bush's one last hope for legitimacy. Not that history would ever reflect favorably on the disaster that has been his administration but he NEEDED to WIN this election to be recorded as a valid resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And folks, that ain't happenin'. Not even close. I know the polls indicate a deadheat and that's a good thing. Can you imagine what they would have pulled by now if Kerry had taken a sweeping lead in the polls? That's not to say they won't try something tonight or tomorrow, but I believe it's too late. Were it not for voter fraud and suppression I think it would be a Kerry landslide but even with the Repugnithug efforts, it is not going to be close. So, it's okay, William, save your energy for the chemo and radiation treatments. Not that your vote was needed in 2000 either -but we won't even be going there this year. My prediction:

Based on:

So, I think Kerry might go as high as 352 if he can manage AZ and MO - hey, it's possible. At any rate, happy election 2004! For in a little more than 24 hours ... we return to democracy!!!!!

Update: Best part of tomorrow's festivities ... Bush's concession speech -now 4 years overdue.


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