Tuesday, November 09, 2004

**Fuck The Sheep

Everyone needs to move past this upset in their own way. Lisa thinks we ought be a little more creative. She suggests a little joke modification.

Growing up in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) we also had our share of Polack jokes (must be a Midwestern thing) but far more prevalent were the Sven and Olie (or Olie and Lena) jokes. So here goes:
Jerry and James were sheep ranchers and it was time to gather the sheep and bring them in for shearing. Being the progressive ranchers that they were [and having all sorts of extra cash from their ministries], they had a plane to transport their various herds back from their vast wastegrazing lands.

They has just loaded a herd and were flying back home when they heard a loud explosion and smelled smoke. "Jesus, Jerry -what the hell was that?", quivered James. Looking out the left window and trying to regain control of the plane, Jerry responded, "It looks like we've lost the God-damned left engine".

Wide-eyed and shaking, James asked, "what do we do, Jerry? "It's okay James, we can fly with one good engine," But just as Jerry was finishing his sentence another loud explosion erupted. "Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Jerry -what was that?" "That was the other engine, James", Jerry said, as the plane began to lose altitude.

"Grab your parachute James, we're going to have to jump". "But, what about the sheep, Jerry?" "Fuck the sheep, James". "But Jerry, we have no time."
So, there's that or, along similar lines, this idea.

**That's what you might call one of them there double entendre thingies or killing two birds with one stone or some such.


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