Sunday, November 07, 2004

Red State Blues

Sorry Barack but it wasn't merely the "pundits slicing and dicing" us into Red States and Blue States and we certainly are NOT the United States of America. It's just that the RED and BLUE are not defined by geography (on that Obama was right -we are very BLUE here in the RED states) but by state of mind -which in case of the red states may be an oxymoron. It will be for naught but I believe we'll find that Bush didn't win this one either.

"This ol'
house country of ours was built on dreams" (CSN & Y) and they've been shattered. It's not the first time and unfortunately it won't be the last. Many are finding it difficult to stay on and fight. Perhaps because, in many instances, the fight isn't ours - that is to say, we remain on the safe sides of Bu$hCo's war. We're not gays, minorities, or immigrants; we're not economically disadvantaged. It's hard wanting a better America but I suspect that in time they'll all return to the struggle.

So, what to do now. Plan a
trip? Post an apology? Seek salvation and guidance? Maha is thinking about designing a blue identity bracelet - this could come in handy for those of us surrounded by a sea of red.

I'm not sure what I'll do but I know what I cannot do. I can no longer listen to, watch or read about the MSM fellate Bu$hCo. I haven't watched or listened to any
news program since November 1st. So, in the near term, blogging may have more to do with science than politics, I just can't stomach the latter right now.


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