Friday, December 31, 2004

Hitting The Snooze Button

This is something Mr. CJ has never understood. "Why can't you just set the alarm for the time you need to get up and then just get up." Can't do it. I've always utilized the 'snooze' on my clock radio. I still fondly recall those days of yore when I had the perfect '9-minute' snooze. But alas that clock radio died and in the interim between purchases some moron had come up with the 7-minute snooze. While I've become accustomed to the 7-minute snooze, it's certainly not ideal - rather like eating a Hydrox cookie. But I digress. This isn't about my clock radio and waking in the mornings but rather the metaphorical snooze button I've been hitting since November 3rd.

Each time I'd come out from under the covers (those soft,thick, warm, metaphorical ones), I'd find some ridiculous analysis of what Bu$hCo did right and the Dems did wrong in this election cycle. How we (liberals) need to 'adjust', learn to communicate with the religious right, even the ludicrous assertion that hollywood, rockers and Michael Moore were instrumental in the loss of votes for the Democratic ticket. This wasn't unexpected from the MSM or punditry but I hadn't (and still haven't) returned to watching the 'news' or 'news shows'. No, this was all coming from the left side of the 'internets'.

Each of these 'analyses' necessarily started with the premise (which I believe to be false) that Bush won this election. I mean, if Kerry were scheduled to take the oath of office next month, these suppositions would never had been made in the first place. As Susan iterated some time back, if you don't think this election was stolen, you weren't paying attention. No, it's not that I don't believe there aren't a sufficient number of imbeciles who for whatever reason (or none whatsoever) would vote for the amoral, sociopathic, inarticulate, illiterate, mentally deficient chimp -but I don't think they did, at least not in the numbers reported in the election. Bu$hCo did what they have always done. Laid the groundwork for a lie/fraud to go unchallenged -and cheated.

Maybe in time we'll come to know the true extent of the fraud perpetrated in this election but for now we're stuck with Bu$hCo for another interminable four years and the ill effects of his adminstration no doubt for generations to come.

But tomorrow begins a new year and we can only hope a better one. My practice is to avoid the roads on New Year's Eve (God knows the people around here are horrible drivers when sober). If you drive this night be extra vigilant ... Cheers -see you on the other side.


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