Tuesday, November 09, 2004

**Fuck The Sheep

Everyone needs to move past this upset in their own way. Lisa thinks we ought be a little more creative. She suggests a little joke modification.

Growing up in the Twin Cities (Minnesota) we also had our share of Polack jokes (must be a Midwestern thing) but far more prevalent were the Sven and Olie (or Olie and Lena) jokes. So here goes:
Jerry and James were sheep ranchers and it was time to gather the sheep and bring them in for shearing. Being the progressive ranchers that they were [and having all sorts of extra cash from their ministries], they had a plane to transport their various herds back from their vast wastegrazing lands.

They has just loaded a herd and were flying back home when they heard a loud explosion and smelled smoke. "Jesus, Jerry -what the hell was that?", quivered James. Looking out the left window and trying to regain control of the plane, Jerry responded, "It looks like we've lost the God-damned left engine".

Wide-eyed and shaking, James asked, "what do we do, Jerry? "It's okay James, we can fly with one good engine," But just as Jerry was finishing his sentence another loud explosion erupted. "Jesus, Mary and Joseph, Jerry -what was that?" "That was the other engine, James", Jerry said, as the plane began to lose altitude.

"Grab your parachute James, we're going to have to jump". "But, what about the sheep, Jerry?" "Fuck the sheep, James". "But Jerry, we have no time."
So, there's that or, along similar lines, this idea.

**That's what you might call one of them there double entendre thingies or killing two birds with one stone or some such.

Monday, November 08, 2004


He couldn't find the 'gay gene' so now he's goin' after the 'God gene'.
He also points out that science can tell us whether there are "God genes," but not whether there is a God. "Our genes can predispose us to believe," he writes, "but they don't tell us what to believe in. Our faith is part of our cultural heritage, and some of the beliefs in any religion evolve over time.
[wouldn't that be the gullible gene?]
Still, he writes, the fact that spirituality has a genetic component implies that it has evolved for a purpose. "There is now reasonable evidence that spirituality is in fact beneficial to our physical as well as mental health. Faith may not only make people feel better, it may actually make them better people.
Seen any evidence of that as of late?
Excess Elephants (and what to do with them)

I know what your thinking ... yeah, way the hell too many of them. I'm also fairly certain there wouldn't be a shortage of creative ideas on how to address this 'problem'. But, as it happens, this has nothing to do with the sad democratic process of last week but rather a recent doubling of the elephant population in South Africa's Kruger National park which has resulted in devastation of habitat inside the park as well as unwelcome foraging on adjacent private lands.

The park that can accommodate a maximum of ~7500 elephants has ~13,000. SANP (South African National Parks) convened the Great Elephant Indaba [meeting] and the conference concluded that it was necessary to lift a nine-year moratorium on killing elephants. The plan calls for the killing of hundreds each year for five years.

Additional proposals were considered for maintaining a sustainable elephant population, as well as the desired biodiversity. These included increased land acquisition, fertility control, "speeding up the region's transfrontier-park program" [resumption of old migration corridors between parks] and ...

moving elephants from overpopulated to underpopulated parks or private reserves - a very costly proposition in terms of time and dollars [tempting though and there is the money well-spent idea; although fertility control sounds even more promising in the long run]. On the other hand, this gives moveon a whole new meaning. Okay, I admit it - I won't be starting up a save the elephant foundation any time soon.

From the same article we learn:
Elephants Find Death Socially Traumatic

A professor of philosophy at the University of Pretoria, Alex Antonites, said research had shown elephants to have a higher level of self-consciousness than almost every other animal. It was not mere cleverness but, in fact, self-awareness, which made death individually and socially traumatic for them, he said. Thus the ethical dimension of killing had to be brought into the equation.

I'm thinkin' some organization's symbol is not very fitting.

Sunday, November 07, 2004


You gotta love it when the Times talks about the need for new standards. Not to worry, they're not addressing journalistic standards ... course not.
On This Day in ...

2003. Yes, it was one year ago today, that I dived in here at Nitpicker. I'd like to say I made a big splash, which in a way is true. Unfortunately, it had to do with the quality (or lack thereof) of the dive, not its significance. It's been a good deal of fun (except for the last week) and fellow bloggers have been very kind. Well, 2005 is closin' in and we can only hope they get their just desserts. Cheers.
Red State Blues

Sorry Barack but it wasn't merely the "pundits slicing and dicing" us into Red States and Blue States and we certainly are NOT the United States of America. It's just that the RED and BLUE are not defined by geography (on that Obama was right -we are very BLUE here in the RED states) but by state of mind -which in case of the red states may be an oxymoron. It will be for naught but I believe we'll find that Bush didn't win this one either.

"This ol'
house country of ours was built on dreams" (CSN & Y) and they've been shattered. It's not the first time and unfortunately it won't be the last. Many are finding it difficult to stay on and fight. Perhaps because, in many instances, the fight isn't ours - that is to say, we remain on the safe sides of Bu$hCo's war. We're not gays, minorities, or immigrants; we're not economically disadvantaged. It's hard wanting a better America but I suspect that in time they'll all return to the struggle.

So, what to do now. Plan a
trip? Post an apology? Seek salvation and guidance? Maha is thinking about designing a blue identity bracelet - this could come in handy for those of us surrounded by a sea of red.

I'm not sure what I'll do but I know what I cannot do. I can no longer listen to, watch or read about the MSM fellate Bu$hCo. I haven't watched or listened to any
news program since November 1st. So, in the near term, blogging may have more to do with science than politics, I just can't stomach the latter right now.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I have never been ...

so ashamed to be an American. The past four years we received the benefit of the doubt around the globe; there's been a separation with the widespread disdain being focused on the administration rather than Americans in general. We've now lost that benefit; the immoral, imperialistic policies of this administration have been affirmed by failure to remove them from office.

No doubt we'll see evidence of the fraudulence of this election brought to light by some while others choose to withdraw from the fray. I lean toward the emmigration alternative, though is looks like Canada may be out. I fail to see the usefulness of further exploring the legitimacy of this election (although ensuring we never have another election with any unverifiable votes would be beneficial). Kerry conceded (though not as eloquently as Adam) - it's over.

There are those who will assail the candidate as the problem. Although I was never keen on Senator Kerry, to lay blame on him would not only be fruitless, it would, in my opinion, be in error. The problem isn't whether Bush really won the popular vote or even whether he actually had sufficient electoral votes. That this incompetent, amoral, faux christian cowboy could receive even one electoral vote, let alone be installed in the Whitehouse, is a sad commentary on our electorate. That Bush won (allegedly) on 'moral values' would be comical if the end result were not so tragic.

There has already been speculation on what the Democrats need to learn from this disaster. Last February I addressed the importance of this election for the Democratic party. Basically, that progressives are looking for advocates and leaders not appeasers that it seems so many in the party have become and that we will continue to lose Dems if we don't change course. But how do you compete for voters who vote on moral values measured not by words or actions but merely faux self-definition? Maybe we're losing on substance - not the substance of our positions per se, but that we have substance and that's not a desirable commodity. Digby has more on that, but perhaps John Mellencamp says it best:
The simple-minded and the uninformed can be easily led astray
And those that cannot connect the dots, hey, look the other way
People believe what they want to believe when it makes no sense at all
So be careful of those killing in Jesus' name - he don't believe in killin' at all
I dread the next four years (as many as 4 SCOTUS appointments - oy!) and take no consolation in this administration having to clean up its own mess. On the other hand, for the extremists who want to destroy us because of the administration's actions, it should be easy to find their 'enablers'. They're hiding out in the churches and temples of the 'red states'.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Winds of Change
I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul ...
- singer, songwriter, deported terrorist, (Cat Stevens) Yusuf Islam.
Today is the beginning. If you don't vote or you vote for anyone other than Kerry today - you change nothing. We are the wind at Kerry/Edwards back today, tomorrow we keep them going in the right direction. What are you doing here - go vote!

Monday, November 01, 2004

Desperately Seeking Legitimacy

So, here we are. At the point every four years where we are to ask the question ... are we better off than we were 4 years ago? Well, I think Osama's looking mighty fit. Certainly much less bedraggled than when last we saw him. It would appear his accomodations have improved as well -no more videotaping in the cold mountain clime of Tora Bora.

This election was Bush's one last hope for legitimacy. Not that history would ever reflect favorably on the disaster that has been his administration but he NEEDED to WIN this election to be recorded as a valid resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And folks, that ain't happenin'. Not even close. I know the polls indicate a deadheat and that's a good thing. Can you imagine what they would have pulled by now if Kerry had taken a sweeping lead in the polls? That's not to say they won't try something tonight or tomorrow, but I believe it's too late. Were it not for voter fraud and suppression I think it would be a Kerry landslide but even with the Repugnithug efforts, it is not going to be close. So, it's okay, William, save your energy for the chemo and radiation treatments. Not that your vote was needed in 2000 either -but we won't even be going there this year. My prediction:

Based on:

So, I think Kerry might go as high as 352 if he can manage AZ and MO - hey, it's possible. At any rate, happy election 2004! For in a little more than 24 hours ... we return to democracy!!!!!

Update: Best part of tomorrow's festivities ... Bush's concession speech -now 4 years overdue.
A Brief Respite

From the activities that have kept me from blogging the past couple of weeks. Things have been CRAZY, albeit good crazy. Lots of business, three rush cases and a proficiency test deadline added to days of consults and testimony. Add to that election activities: lit drops, sign posting and replacing, phonebanking and keeping the local Dem website current - whew! All the activity and lack of sleep spurred a relapse in the cold recovery process as well but only one more day! So, what have you been doing? Hopefully, all that you can - we don't want to be caught short in our efforts this time around. Here, in the very red state of Idaho, things are bustling. The local rag gave a sad endorsement for Kerry, but an endorsement for him nonetheless. It was titled, A Reluctant Case for John Kerry - it ended with " In nine days, Americans make their choice. Today, we make our recommendation. With trepidation, it's Kerry." Trepidation? Their endorsements for the local candidates were equally moronic. Well, all that's left is some more GOTV phonebanking, poll tracking and providing transportation to polling places tomorrow. My favorite, encouraging local voting story is delivering absentee ballot requests for two women, one 90 and one 94. The ninety-four-year-old said she thought it was the most important election in her lifetime -wow! I mean I think that's definitely true for me but I'm just a tad over half her age. Anyway, back to the grind. There'll be one post immediately following this and then I'll be off for a few days - after the election, on the 4th, we'll be celebrating our 26th wedding anniversary.