Thursday, February 03, 2005

Endorsing Torture

Remember the following despicable placemats in 2006:

Jomentum Lieberman (CT - let's recruit Letterman)

Bill Nelson (FL)

Ben Nelson (NE - that's Nebraska, not New England get your mind off of the SuperBowl)

And in 2008 don't forget these two (plenty of time to recruit replacemenats):

Mary Landrieu (LA)

Mark Pryor (AR)

I know it's a long time from now but this guy blew it on his maiden session so in 2010, remember Ken:

Ken Salazar (CO)

But more than merely despicable these 'not so new kids on the block' couldn't be bothered to vote at all - maybe they've just been around the Senate a little too long.

in 2008:

Max Baucus (MT)

in 2010:

Daniel Inouye (HI) and

Kent Conrad (ND; North Dakota not Notre Dame)


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