Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Asshats of the world, unite!

I have several friends who are conservative and we often slip in and out of political arguments in the course of a boozy evening. As Bob Dole said at the opening of the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics (in my hometown of Lawrence, Kansas), "the clash of ideas" should never be "confused with a holy war." I, for one, have never had trouble with an open, honest debate, but am most often annoyed by bullshit. Oh, sure, I've been known to call even an honest, straightforward debater an asshole or a dumbass here and there, but, you know: Sticks. Stones.

So, it's with great pleasure that I give a compliment to Right Thinking From the Left Coast. Yes, he's often crass, seldom makes sense and he's got some issues with his dingle (dude, kidding), but he did give me one of my first and most treasured kudos, which has sat on this site ever since. As you see at the right (appropriately enough), I was once his "Idiot Leftie Blog Du Jour," an honor that I can only wish had come with a plaque. Or one of his commenters could have presented me with his description of me in T-Shirt form. I would love to wear a What an asshat! shirt around Lawrence when I get back from Afghanistan.

Today, I return the favor, but with less snark. It seems that Lee and his fellow "Right Thinkers" are beginning to realize that the Republican Party talks about getting the government out of your back pocket, but only so they can block your button fly with one hand and your mouth with the other.

The other day I was discussing the reasons why I’ve left the GOP and I mentioned their support of censorship through indecency laws. Basically I was laughed at my a lot of the hard-core Republicans, but now that I’ve read this story I feel totally vindicated.

The chairman of one of the entertainment industry’s most important congressional committees says he wants to take the enforcement of broadcast decency standards into the realm of criminal prosecution...

That’s right, folks. If you put a boobie on TV or say the f-word on radio you’re going to have the awesome might of the behemoth federal government criminally prosecuting you for doing so. Some of you Republicans out there, please explain to me how this isn’t an oppressive use of government force to threaten people into following a certain moral code (i.e. one dictated by conservative Republicans).

If you want Pat Robertson, James Dobson, and Donald Wildmon dictating what you can watch on TV, vote Republican.

Even most of Lee's commenters agree with him.

Lee and I aren't going to be agreeing on much more than this issue (although Lee might be surprised), I'm sure, but I appreciate a man who will say the "Emperor has no clothes" when a wang's clearly visible, even if the wang-wearer believes most of the same things you do.

So, good on ya, Lee. If I'm ever in California, I'll buy you beers until its You're the greatest, man and No, you're the greatest and No, Bush is the greatest and The FUCK he is and The FUCK he IS TOO and then there will be scuffling and then the wiping of blood from faces and then swelling and then more beers and, later, You're the greatest, man...


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