Sunday, April 10, 2005

Got Your Back

Earlier, Terry wondered if someone might help him out with an "appropriate" descripton of commander Codpiece's "discourse". Appropriate, of course being a relative term (inappropriate in Terry's current situation) -kinda like moral is for our fearless leader. Personally, I don't know if one can ever refer to Bush's verbal exercises as discourse -it's more like masturbation. While he sits with his eyes closed, over in his own little world, and attempts to get his rocks off - others don't get his pre-climactic mutterings. I don't know what's more pathetic. That the leader of the free world requests that his supremely inept commentary on the Pope's legacy be amended by the addition of the word excellent (yeah, that makes all the difference Georgie) or that he actually may believe a specific action from him is necessary to set himself apart from the Big Dog. I see that TBogg has more on Bush's discourse and agree with Thomas Paine (and James) - Bush is an infidel. I know it's a little late Terry, but I hope this helps.

Terry: CJ, I am shocked to see those sorts of things written about the Commander-in-Chief!


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