Wednesday, April 27, 2005

If a Moron Mutters Unintelligibly and There are no Mikes ...

Will he still look like a complete buffoon? Okay, besides being obvious, that's rhetorical.
The news conference is scheduled for 8:30 p.m. EDT Thursday in the East Room. The White House has asked television networks to broadcast the prime-time session.
So seriously, why should they cover it? Because his little sideshow paid for by the taxpayers who didn't get the benefit of any 'cuts' fell flatter than Calista's chest? Because his numbers are in the crapper and he's been caught out? Not a reason. How many times during the campaign did he play the media for free coverage of his non-news 'conferences'? Wouldn't it be great if only Fox showed up - it would restore my faith in humanity. A girl can hop... nevermind. It appears we might be in for more of these broadcast interruptions:
Bush held his last news conference on March 16. White House advisers are trying to have him hold the sessions on a monthly basis, far more frequently than in his first term.
Yeah, because putting him in front of a microphone does so much to impress the masses - think he'll take questions without JimmyJeff there?


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