Friday, April 08, 2005


Silly Jeb. Freedom fighters aren't those that fight freedom but rather those that that fight for freedom(s). We understand. Language, like all else for the Bush boys is ... hard. Here are a few references that may help Jeb with the concept. To be fair (because after all we're not MSM hacks here, we are bloggers - we have that whole self-correcting integrity thing going on), Newsmax was the only source I found with that particular quote of Jeb, so take that for what it's worth. However, other sources reference Jeb's uncertainty about the "necessity" of the bill while stating he thinks "conservatives are in the minority at a lot of universities, and their speech is not given the same value that speech on the left is" and they also cite his support for Rep. Baxley because it's "right to start the discussion about free speech at universities and the need to respect minority views". While these statements may not rise to the same level of stupidity as the 'freedom fighter' association, well ... there are reasons for the former, and the latter has nothing to do with the bill introduced into the Florida legislature. Yep, Jeb and his even dumber brother, never two clearer examples of how abortion could be a 'pro-life' act.

A further note to Rep. Baxley who grouses that his anthropology professor wasn't interested in his 'conservative' view which caused him to 'slump in his seat, keep quiet, spit back what they wanted, duck his head and get out of there' ... you should have remained quiet. You know, better to remain silent and be thought a fool than ...well, there's no doubt now. [I wonder, do you suppose this was a cultural or physical anthropology class?] One needs have an intellect to comprehend intellectual freedom. Failing that, Baxley introduces a bill that is an affront on not a defense of such freedom but then that's not really what this bill is about is it?


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