Friday, April 22, 2005

What a Difference a Day Makes Posted by Hello

As you can see, yesterday was more than a little overcast but I did make it back down before I got drenched. In the course of my hike (I was trying to find the Basque shepherd, his flock and his marvelous team of Border Collies that I came across the other day sans camera) I found evidence that I was not the first up here yesterday morn but man, dog ... someone was confused as to whether they were:

coming or going?

I found it mildly amusing that in a great many of their tracks man and dog appeared to be going in opposite directions. Sorry for the 'diaphram' shadow but given my original intent, I only had my quasi telephoto lens with me. Unfortunately shepherd and company had moved on - the absence of their tent evidence that they had pulled up stakes. I'll try and catch them on the next 'rotation' through this area; the dogs were a wonderous and efficient team.


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